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Malta’s legislation is in a constant state of flux, with new legal notices, bills and acts being implemented  everyday. It is significant that we keep up to date with all laws, both the present ones and the past ones,  and to understand how they may affect us accordingly in our...
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The right of access grants individuals(data subjects)the right to obtain a copy of their personal data and other supplementary information from a Data Controller or Data Processor. However, this right is not absolute and the...
A glance at our firm.

MM Lex Consulta

MM LEX Consulta is a boutique law firm based in Valletta, Malta, that unites together a team of experienced legal professionals, who are driven to offer the best possible legal service to all clientele. We pride ourselves in offering reliable and sound legal advice to all our clients, based on our deep industry knowledge. Our diversified areas of expertise enable us to offer the best possible legal service.


  • People normally cringe when they have to resort to legal representation as it usually means that diplomacy has broken down and communication with the other side soured. The choice of lawyer in these situations is crucial as it could mean the difference between making the best out of a bad situation or turning a bad situation into a long distressing ordeal! In my experience Mark has those rare qualities that are required for achieving the former of those two outcomes for his clients. Not only is he extremely responsive to any questions I may have but he also has the ability to understand his client’s needs, which I think is largely influenced by having worked for many years as a client relationship manager prior to becoming a lawyer. He is also highly knowledgeable and personable, and won’t leave any stone unturned in the service of his clients. His loyalty to his clients is unquestionable – he acts as if he owns his clients’ problem. I therefore have no hesitation recommending him to anyone requiring legal services.

  • Mark has an exceptional standing in my book. I have learned this over 15 years and it is most notably expressed when he gets his hands on a problem. It is then that you start to understand his tenacity, focus, and passion for getting things done. With a sense of purpose that is exemplary, his innate vocation in life led to his calling to the Legal profession. His depth of knowledge, an overriding commitment, and resolve to defend injustices, at time through major sacrifice, has led him to achieve what most of us would only dream of attaining in our professional lives.

  • Choosing MM LEX Consulta was a great decision. All throughout I was met with professionalism, quality service, and patience. Most importantly, I was given great legal advice. Highly recommend this law firm.

  • Our advocate at MM LEX Consulta, Mark Muscat, was exceptional. Notwithstanding the legal turmoil that we were in, he remained calm and patient and was completely understanding of our legal issues. This lawyer definitely knows his craft and went the extra mile for us. Highly recommend him.

  • Working along side my advocate at MM LEX Consulta , Dr Mark Muscat, was truly exceptional. He took my case with a passion for justice, sometimes even more than me, but equally with calm and meticulous preparation which led to a very satisfactory outcome. He leads you through the whole process which has by nature its ups and down, with sound advice and personal counselling without losing focus of the ultimate objective. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer who is excellent in his field but treats your case with dignity and a personal touch.

Our Principles


Our deep understanding of the law caters for all the complex legal issues faced by our clients. Where you feel stuck in a legal enigma, we provide the solution.


All our clients are treated with respect and dignity, and all are afforded the same level of individual attention.


Our experience enables us both to provide excellent legal advice and to act in the clients’ interests at all times.


Attorney-client privilege is a fundamental pillar in our practice, and it is respected at all times. We strive to treat all our clients fairly, with honesty and uprightness.

These four principles provide the foundations for the success of our practice. Their constant adherence has paved the way for an excellent relationship with all our clients, who appreciate our dedication and our attention to detail. Moreover, they have enabled us to personalise our service to cater to all the client’s legal needs.

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Our Expertise

Practice Area


Practice Area

Corporate & Commercial Law

Practice Area

Financial Law

Together with our collaborators, lawyers at MM Lex Consulta offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in their respective field. Through our variety of expertise, we ensure that all the clients’ professional needs are catered for under one roof. Our portfolio of practice-areas is continuously expanding, meaning that should you be in need of services on another separate legal field, which is not mentioned above, please do not hesitate to reach out accordingly. It is our objective to provide all our clients with a one-stop professional and legal services platform.

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We will want to learn about all the details that you believe are relevant and important to your case such as contracts, letters, court documents, receipts, invoices, and agreements.

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