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News and Articles

The News and Articles section is meant to provide you with legal information that can be reused in another context or any specific information concerning our firm. Articles will be written on the topic of interest of the writer or any current burning issue. They are meant to address topics of interest and can reflect opinion, news, research, reviews and instruction.

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Privilege afforded to communications between a lawyer and his client by the European Court of Justice. The ultimate test which needs to be carried out in respect of whether communications between a lawyer and his client which...
The right of access grants individuals(data subjects)the right to obtain a copy of their personal data and other supplementary information from a Data Controller or Data Processor. However, this right is not absolute and the GDPR allows...

Publications and Contributions

This section is intended to cater for legal content and material relating to topics of interest which has already been published elsewhere.

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ABSTRACT   Maltese Trade Unions have a sui generis legal nature which imbues them with  unique characteristics, features and attributes. The external dealings of Trade  Unions with third parties are both legally regulated and squarely within reach of ...