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At MM Lex Consulta, we do not solely hone our skills in our specific practice areas, but we also pay attention to the industries in which our clients operate and do business. By doing so, we give importance not only to the legal issues which our clients present us with, but we also endeavor to anticipate on how future changes in the law could have an impact on our clients’ services. We can achieve this through our constant look-out both for new acts and legal notices implemented by the Maltese government and also for new regulations imposed by the European Union.

Latest Legal News

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Key Industry Sectors

Industrial Relations & Employment

MM Lex Consulta provides an array of employment-related legal services which amongst others include: drafting of employment contracts and contracts of services; acquisition of work permits; secondment; posting of workers; termination of employment and unfair dismissal claims; any other employment-related claims such as discrimination, victimization or harassment claims before Malta’s Industrial Tribunal.

Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Litigation Services are one of the core practices of MM Lex Consulta. We have represented clients on various legal matters before both the Inferior and Superior Courts of Malta. Our main areas of focus in this regard are: civil, family, corporate, commercial, and employment & industrial relations legal matters. We are also well-practiced in the alternative dispute resolution sphere, mainly in arbitration proceedings. All our clients can rest easy knowing that we shall at all times provide them with a realistic view of their legal position.

Regulatory Compliance

At MM Lex Consulta, we understand the burden of keeping track of all developments in the legal sphere in order to ascertain compliance with Malta’s laws. In this respect, we seek to assist our clients through various ways which include but are not limited to the following: review of our client’s existing policies and legal advice on how to improve them; drafting of new essential policies and procedures; and the development of a compliance plan tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Company Formation & Redomiciliation

We offer a complete range of services when it comes to this area which include the: vetting and review of all Customer Due Diligence (CDD) documentation; liaising with Malta’s banks for the opening Malta bank accounts; liaising with Malta’s Business Registry for the incorporation of the company; and the drafting of obligatory company formation documents, mainly the M&A. In this regard, we endeavor to provide our clients with fast company formation and redomiciliation service.

Private Clients & Trusts

MM Lex Consulta has vast experience in working with high net worth individuals and family offices. We take all the necessary steps to ensure that our clients’ private wealth is managed in an effective manner and is structured in a manner which is tax efficient. Our services in this regard include: investment advice, estate planning advice, the formation and administration of trusts; opening of bank accounts; and registration of yachts and superyachts.

Banking & Financial Services

Our specialised services in this sector cover chiefly the following: investment service, formation of funds, banking services which include advice related to loans and transactions; assistance with the application for fiscal incentives; services related to insurance and reinsurance; and services in relation to collective investment schemes.

Data Privacy Services

The General Data Protection Regulation has had a widespread impact on all businesses due to the increased protection of personal data which it safeguards. Through our extensive privacy and confidentiality law knowledge and experience, we are able to offer you a multitude of services which include the following: drafting of privacy policies and privacy notices; drafting and reviewing of GDPR processor Agreements; drafting and amending of employment agreements to be GDPR compliant; and the drafting of policies for data breaches, retention, data subject requests and disaster recovery plans.

Intellectual Property Law

At MM Lex Consulta, we fully understand and appreciate our clients’ endeavors to protect their intellectual property. Through our services, we help our clients to achieve the best level of protection which they aspire to obtain. Some of the services which we offer in this respect include:

  1. the registration of trademarks, patents and designs within Malta
  2. drafting of assignment, licensing and franchising agreements
  3. protection of trademarks within the European Union
  4. enforcement of Intellectual Property rights before the Maltese Courts

Our Legal Areas

Civil Law

Civil law, which is regulated by Malta’s Civil Code, is one of our niche areas of expertise. The team at MM Lex Consulta is continuously providing valuable legal assistance in this regard, chiefly in the following areas of practice:

  1. Contractual Drafting and Negotiation on civil law areas, including amongst others the promise of sale of property agreements (“konvenju” in Maltese), loan agreements, commercial/residential lease agreements, and employment agreements
  2. Inheritance and succession planning, including the rules regulating wills, testamentary executors and administrators, liquidation and partition of inheritance.
  3. Civil law court claims, including evictions from properties and claims relating to damages suffered
  4. Arbitration services

Corporate & Commercial Law

Corporate & Commercial Law is a main hallmark in our legal practice. Many of our clients are in fact corporate clients who retain us on an ongoing basis to assist them with all the legal issues with which they are presented in their day-to-day business operations. Apart from the company formation & redomiciliation service, referred to further above, we provide the following:

  1. Advice on Company Corporate Structures
  2. Registered Office Services
  3. Income Tax and VAT registration
  4. Employment Permit number
  5. Annual Compliance with Malta’s Registry of Companies legal requirements
  6. Dissolution and Winding Up of Companies
  7. Commercial Litigation

Financial Law

After Malta’s accession to the European Union in 2004, it has grown to become a leading hub for financial services. The sector is regulated by one single regulator – the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), which supervises all financial institutions and licences. An exception exists only with respect to the blockchain and cryptocurrency spheres, which are regulated by the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA).
As has been clarified above, our main areas of practice in this respect are:

  1. investment service
  2. formation of funds
  3. Services related to Credit Institutions (which include the acquisition of the respective licences needed for the operation of these institutions)
  4. Services related to insurance and reinsurance; and
  5. Services in relation to collective investment schemes

Should you be interested in blockchain-related legal areas, like for instance assistance with the drafting of whitepapers for the raising funds through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or in the acquisition of a Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) Services Licence, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our reliable and licenced partners can provide you with all the legal assistance which you may require in this respect.

Immigration & Tax Law

Our boutique law firm is a one-stop-shop for all immigration law assistance which you may require. Some of the immigration services which we offer in this respect include the following:

  1. Visa Applications
  2. Ordinary Residence Permits
  3. Long Term Residence Permits
  4. Residence Permit on the basis of Economic Self-Sufficiency
  5. Through our reputable and fully licenced partners, we also offer Citizenship and Residency by Investment solutions to all clients who wish to acquire Malta’s passport/residence card through investment.

Should you be interested in obtaining tax residence in Malta, we can also assist you and provide you with advice on Malta’s numerous tax programmes, which include the following:

  1. Global Residence Scheme
  2. The Residence Programme
  3. Highly Qualified Persons Scheme
  4. Malta Retirement Programme